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Welcome to Fall Quarter. We “layer in defense” to protect ourselves from COVID-19, and must take the same vigilance to protect our computers and digital devices. As our dependence on the internet and digital systems increase so have attacks on these systems. Today, more than ever, securing these networks is vital. We are all responsible for practicing proactive physical hygiene and cyber hygiene. 

October is “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.” STC believes cybersecurity awareness deserves to be highlighted all year. Cybersecurity Awareness Tips will be included regularly in the STC Thursday Byte. This week, be sure to attend David Yi’s presentation on Secure Passwords at Thursday’s STC Student Club meeting. Information on how to attend the meetings is at the end of this newsletter. 


Meeting with the Director: 4th week of the quarter – Let’s hear what is on your mind. What is working? What feedback do you have for us? 

The STC Director Morgan Zantua will meet with students quarterly to receive real-time input from students concerning the current quarter courses. Students are encouraged to attend and share their experiences, comments, and insights on their courses and programs.   

Fri. Oct. 30 | 01:00 pm (PST) on Zoom – session will be recorded.

STC's Teaching Assistant

The first week of any quarter is a period of adjustment. If you are  enrolled in an STC course through CityU Seattle and are experiencing technical issues, the Teaching Assistant (TA) Center can help. TAs can assist with challenges related to course understanding exercises, assignments, and virtual labs. They respond to your requests for help usually within 24 hours. Our TAs respond can’t do your homework, but they can make sure you understand instructions. Read the TA Guidelines and meet the Fall Quarter TAs at For assistance email:

Our new TAs

Mary Oh

Chuck (Pengfei) Liu

This Week in Tech History Oct 4th-10th

Steve Jobs Passed Away October 5, 2011 

Steve passed away, defeated by pancreatic cancer, which he battled for years. A visionary that founded Apple Computers with the motto ‘never tell me it cannot be done’. His iPod and iTunes, and iPhone, introduced in 2005 and 2007 respectively, changed the music industry and revolutionized mobile browsing. 

RIP Steve! 

Tech Humor

STC Student Club Meeting

Student Clubs, the Tech Group and the Cybersecurity Club, will meet Thursdays from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M. PST via Teams: STC Clubs & Research Groups Weekly Meeting – Fall Quarter. For students or faculty who would like to present, choose a date and upload your presentation here. 

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