MS in Computer Science (MSCS)

Welcome & Orientation Day

School of Technology & Computing (STC)

Center for Information Assurance Education (NSA/DHS CIAE-CD)

City University of Seattle (CityU)

Date & Time

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 2020
4PM - 5:30PM PDT
Fall quarter, 2020

Join Orientation

Click below button to join the Microsoft Teams for Orientation Day. The meeting will be in the main channel. 


All prospective, current, and future students who takes MSCS courses are welcomed to join!

Schedule and Agenda

4PM - 5PM: Main Event

  • Greetings – Organizing Committee
  • Ice Breaker – Organizing Committee
  • Welcome – Dean Sam Chung and Other Faculty
  • About the MSCS Degree Program – Dr. Sam Chung, Program Manager
  • About TA Center – Ms. Kim Nguyen, TA
  • Q&A Session and Study Advice – TAs, STC Ambassadors & Alumni
  • About Tech Club and Upcoming Events – Mr. Spencer (Yu-Che) Liu, TA

5PM - 5:30PM: Happy Hour / Networking Breakout Session

After the main event, everyone is welcomed to stay for the Happy Hour/Networking Breakout Session. 

There will be 6 channels of different topics. Feel free to join any channel of your interest, and/or hop between different channels

Kim Nguyen

Evan Sitzes

Alice Nguyen

Yunsheng Zou

Spencer (Yu-Che) Liu

The Team

Organizing Committee


Min Qiu

Elena Biermann

David Yi


For any inquiries, please email

Kim Nguyen: