Message From Leadership At the end of every quarter, Applied Research Symposium presents Capstone completed by our graduating bachelor and master’s degree students. This quarter two tracks are featured. Join the event later today through this  link to the website. Recordings of the proceedings will be available at the same website location. Are you procrastinating?  […]
Message from Leadership As you head out for Labor Day Weekend remember to practice good security behavior and layer-in-defense: wear a mask, wear gloves when working in public settings, use hand sanitizer, and respect social distancing. Announcing 14 New Computing and Technology Courses Added to the Fall Quarter Schedule Courses are listed below. The course […]
Message from Leadership Corporate partnership is a cornerstone of CityU and the School of Technology & Computing. Two years ago Kathy Cox, Director of External Affairs, and Professor Sam Chung collaborated with WTIA’s Amazon Apprenti Program (AAP) to create and offer a Full Stack Developer apprenticeship for transitioning military. Next week the second AAP cohort […]
Message from Leadership The Teaching Assistants working with STC faculty will unveil the updated Center for Information Assurance Education (CIAE) website.  A new  Faculty Page so our students and prospective students can see the breadth of expertise our faculty has to offer.  Since working remotely with the onset of Covid-19, our Provost initiated a virtual  […]
Message from Leadership   As the School of Technology & Computing moves into the second half of the year, we continue to add more to the STC Thursday Byte. This week, we introduce “This Week in Tech History”. We can thank Dr. Radana Dvorak for this newest innovation. Each week a piece of history will […]
Message From Leadership Covid-19 continues to impact the way we study, work, and make a living. While millions of people are out of work, cybersecurity and technology professionals are still employed, working from home, and making a good living. Finding skilled professionals continues to be an issue across the country and globally. In the coming […]
Message from Leadership   In the coming quarter, many schools are taking to online learning in response to COVID-19. CityU and STC have worked in online learning since 1994. This week we will share how our faculty and TAs support students in the class and beyond the classroom to help students deepen their KSAs. (KSAs= Knowledge, Skills, Abilities). This week’s STC […]
Message from Leadership   Covid-19 continues to change the way we work, study, and go about our lives. Above all, we want our students, staff, and faculty to stay safe and continue to prosper.  STC continues to hold synchronous online courses in lieu of on-site classes. Our student clubs are now online, and we invite you to join in on the Student Club Orientation this Thursday, […]
Message from Leadership Industry certifications are a solid addition to your LinkedIn profile and resume. In the upcoming  Thursday Bytes, we will discuss the new undergraduate certificates offered by STC . Our faculty also encourages technology students to obtain industry sponsored certifications. Businesses want to see a combination of academic achievements and industry recognized certifications.  […]
Message from Leadership   Welcome to the first week of Summer Quarter 2020. At CityU and School of Technology & Computing (STC), our academic year officially begins with Summer Quarter. Many of our new programs described in Spring Quarter began effective July 1, 2020.  We will continue to update you with the new changes to […]