Message From Leadership Research and creative activities enhance the quality of our faculty and the learning of our students. At the School of Technology & Computing (STC), the research and creative activities […]
Message From Leadership To all Veterans and Active-duty military service members,  students, faculty, and staff, on behalf of everyone at STC, we thank you for your service and sacrifices so […]
Faculty Recognition – Interview with Jon Helmus  Jon Helmus is a security engineer, educator, author, and a cloud hacker who has been working in engineering, security, and information technology for 10 years. […]
Message From Leadership Earlier this week, every program held its quarterly Welcome and Orientation day in the fourth week of each quarter. We thank the students who attended and encourage students to participate in future program welcome and […]
Message From Leadership Earlier this week, every STC program held a Welcome, Orientation, and Networking (WON) session. We thank the students who attended and encourage students to attend future WON events.   Quarterly events consist of the Welcome, Orientation and Networking session which will be held […]
Message From Leadership Orientation week! The CityU/STC incorporates a full range of features and benefits into our curriculum and culture designed to prepare STC students for career advancement. Today, Thursday, […]
Title: On-device Filter Design for Self-identifying Inaccurate Heart Rate Readings on Wrist-worn PPG Sensors Authors: Jungmo Ahn, Ho-Kyeong Ra, Hee Jung Yoon, Sang Hyuk Son, & Jeonggil Ko Download PDF […]
Title: Serverless Computing Architecture Security and Quality Analysis for Back-end Development Authors: Clark Jason Ngo, Peng Wang, Tuan Khai Tran, & Sam Chung Download PDF Abstract—The purpose of this paper […]
Title: Software Documentation and Architectural Analysis for Full Stack Authors: Clark Jason Ngo & Sam Chung Download PDF The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to decrease the […]